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The Premise


Fhil Stabben (27)

A man blessed with an incredible patience, being the only one at the department that's able to stand Kovak.

Fhil is specially skillful when it comes to shooting, but he tries to leave that as a last resort; however, his protective instincts may take over his kind nature when seeing someone in danger. He really cares about the victims, but maybe too much for his own good.

He is married to an attorney he met at one of his cases.

Kovak Woltz (21)

He seems angry most of the time, and he is. But he's secretly a good guy. Being polite never crosses his mind, so his co-workers try to avoid him as much as possible.

Kovak has amazing physical endurance, and his lack of trust on people let him appreciate things more objectively, making him a great partner for Fhil.

He has a younger sister and lost contact with his father.

Nüne Lexeris Novem (?)

A girl that defends her form of justice to its more extreme ways.

She's a member of the DIRAE group, to which she serves by punishing deserving individuals of society. As her companions, she was created artificially as part of the project of a foreign government, being given superhuman strength and regenerative abilities.

She joined the DPA recently as a criminal psychologist in order to continue with DIRAE's duty, after seeing herself unable to perform it by her usual methods, for being her identity discovered.

Julius Iudex Unum (?)

Called "First" by his companions, he carries his name for being the first succesful experiment inside the DIRAE Project.

Despite not having much age difference with the others, his appearance is much older, because of his more accelerated aging; which also has influenced on his physical condition.

Because of his great wisdom and experience he has assumed the role of the leader inside the group, being for the rest a figure of admiration.

Ygil Imperii Quatuor (?)

An hermaphrodite created to combine the positive traits of the male and female body.

He is a reserved and serious person, always focused in her mission. She works really hard to obtain food for the other members of DIRAE, being the second top supplier.

He tends to look pretty calmed, but can become really aggressive. Her peers tell him that he has no sense of humor.

Turtton Aequitas Septem (?)

Turtton tries to look tough, but he is the most concerned about his brothers. He's usually the one that solves their discussions, since he can’t stand watching them fight.

Like Ygil and Nüne he hunts food for the group, maybe not in so much quantity, but with more caution than the other two. However, when he's not working he can get impulsive when someone gets on his nerves, which happens quite often.

It is said that he invests a lot of care on his hair.

Éugenique Bonaefidei Octo (?)

An empathic and cheerful woman, that has no trouble showing her affection, leading sometimes to embarrass the others.

Hunting is not her forte, so she's mainly dedicated to gaining and justifying income for the team through a textile factory that she runs, and tailoring couture suits. She also designed her brothers' formal clothes that are used during their special meetings.

It appears that she only takes off her berets for sleeping.

Lynalith Minuta Decem (?)

The most powerful and skilled between her brothers, Lynalith was definitely the best of the hunters.

With an outgoing personality, wild at times, she's a greatly smart girl but her mischievous nature has earned her the criticism of her companions. Which doesn't make her less cared for them, especially for Nüne, who often made her assume a protective role.

She is currently expelled from DIRAE.

Erina (?)


Willencut Alanaire (30)

A private lawyer that specializes in criminal cases. She’s been married to Fhil for a couple of years, who she met during a case where she was representing the victim.

Will is a very focused woman and sometimes even workaholic, she’s got a firm and strict personality. But Fhil has helped her to relax.

She uses to be her husband’s emotional support since she’s more mature than him.

Cap. Dean Hoggindel (54)

He’s DPA’s captain, and a very strict one. Really responsible at his job, he carries out the orders of his superiors without questioning them.

He may not look like it, but he cares a lot about his team integrity.