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December 20th, 2014, 11:36 am

Moving to Tapastic!

Hello everyone!
From now on I'll start updating The Premise on Tapastic, since it offers financial support that I'm in real need right now.

For everyone interested, here's my page: http://tapastic.com/series/The-Premise

Thank you for all your support, hope we don't lose contact! :D

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September 15th, 2014, 10:02 am


Hello, everyone! I'll start taking on commissions, and since I can't access deviantArt for now, I'll upload the info here :)


If you’re interested, send me a private message telling me what do you want me to draw. Send me reference pictures, please, even if it’s a famous character! You can ask me for a specific pose too. I’ll tell you if I can do it, and inform you of the total price, sending you my Paypal Account information. Once you’ve transferred the full price to my account, I’ll start with the drawing. (Usuarios en Chile pueden hacerme transferencia por Cuenta RUT :) )

Don't ask me to draw porn or anything like that, ok? Any doubts will be solved ;)


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May 22nd, 2014, 5:57 pm


From now, The Premise's drawing contest starts! It has no theme, so the only conditions are: that the characters belong to this webcomic (protagonists, secondary characters, etc.) and that the picture has been drawn entirely by yourselves.

Rules: Anyone can participate. To send me your drawing just send me a private message or note on Deviantart with the picture's link. If you don't have an account in any of these sites, you can send me a private message to The Premise Facebook Page. The entries will be added to my Subcultura's gallery and My Favorites with the author's name and link.

Winners' Selection: I'll choose the three winners according to the following criteria:

Complexity: Pose, amount of characters, camera angle, details.
Originality: Situation on the drawing, chosen character.
Technique: Perspective, anatomy, coloring.


- First place:

- DeviantArt premium membership for 3 months, or 636 points.
- A llama.
- One commission in color, bust, up to two characters.

- Second place:

- Premium membership for 1 month, or 396 points.
- A llama.
- One commission in color, bust, one character.

- Third place:

- 100 points.
- A llama.
- One commission in color, chibi, one character.

Time Limit: You can send the entries till July 25th, 23:59 hrs.

Any questions and suggestions I'll be glad to answer!

Good luck everyone! :)

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March 21st, 2014, 12:06 am

The Premise on Tumblr and FB

Hello everyone! :D Hope you're alright~
I've finally decided to make a Tumblr and Facebook page for The Premise, in which I'll be posting news and updates, and they'll also be open for any kind of questions, comments and critiques.
I'll leave the links here for anyone that may be interested:
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Premisa-The-Premise/1487622691457550
- Tumblr: http://the-premise.tumblr.com/

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April 26th, 2012, 6:48 pm

Language fix

So... Uploading the english and the spanish version of the comic on the same page wasn't a brilliant thing to do, cause it just showed up as continuing chapters. So I made another comic with the spanish version.

Versión en Español


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